Ocean shipping
Tenpoint offers sea shipping services from more than 300 ports to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in expanding their businesses by streamlining their ocean shipping and sea freight logistics. Our aim is to connect your business with the world, whether you are shipping goods within the same continent or transporting international freight across the globe.
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What is Ocean Freight

Ocean freight shipping is the primary method of transporting containerized cargo by sea, accounting for over 90% of global trade. It involves using intermodal containers that can be transferred across different modes of transportation without unloading and reloading the cargo.
Available options
Tenpoint's digital platform simplifies international shipping, providing access to a vast global network at no extra cost across 300+ locations in 150+ countries. Our comprehensive logistics solutions and transparent tracking ensure efficient delivery of your cargo.

Benefits and disadvantages of sea freight shipping

Sea freight shipping offers cost-effectiveness and carbon efficiency, making it a popular choice for transporting large shipments over long distances. However, the longer transit time and higher costs for smaller shipments may be considered disadvantages.
Simplifying global logistics services.
Tenpoint empowers you to expand your business globally at the opportune moment. We facilitate hassle-free container shipping services for both intercontinental and continental destinations, along with value-added services such as Customs Clearance and Additional Freetime. With our end-to-end logistics solutions, you have complete command over your shipment, regardless of the route.
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